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Current Weather by Zip Code Get Current US Weather from Zip Code API

This API provides current weather information, including temperature, wind speed, visibility, air quality, sunset, sunrise, and various conditions, for US Cities.

Example of live weather information from zip code responses.
City State TempF TempC Weather Wind MPH Wind Dir Relative Humidity Visibility Miles Air Quality Index Air Quality Code Air Quality Sunrise Sunset Daylight Hours Daylight Minutes
Sonoma CA 29.0 -1.7 Fair 3.5 North 100 10.00 26 1 Good 05:50 20:21 14 31
Whitefish MT 41.0 5.0 Mostly Cloudy 8.1 South 62 7.00 11 1 Good 05:51 21:16 15 24
Honolulu HI 76.0 24.4 Party Cloudy 18.4 East 56 12.00 26 1 Good 05:51 19:05 13 14
Bartlesville OK 45.0 7.2 Fair 4.6 Variable 61 10.00 56 2 Moderate 05:41 20:11 14 29
Asheville NC 50.0 10.0 Rain Fog/Mist 0.0 North 93 5.00 28 1 Good 05:30 20:33 15 3
Integrate Live Weather Data with Cloud Databases: Use this API to easily append live weather data directly to Cloud database tables from a Web browser. The The Live Weather Insert SQL is auto-generated and automated to append weather data to database database tables using this API.

Service API Endpoint:

Calling Structure:[licensekey]&zip=[US Zip Code]

Optional Specification Examples:
OpenAPI Specification 3.1 JSON

Input Parameters:
License: Your Interzoid-issued license key
Zip: US Zip Code

Output Parameters:
City: City for current weather reading
State: State where city is located
TempF: Current temperature in Fahrenheit
TempC: Current temperature in Celsius
Weather: Textual description of current weather
WindMPH: Current wind speed
WindDir: Current wind direction
Relative Humidity: Water vapor percentage present in air as compared to saturation at current temperature
Visibility Miles: Distance of where objects can be clearly seen
Air Quality Index: Air pollution concentration levels on a scale of 0-500
Air Quality Code: Numerical value corresponding to air pollution concentration category
Air Quality: Meaning of air pollution concentration category
Sunrise: Today's sunrise time for this location
Sunset: Today's sunset time for this location
Daylight Hours: Hours component of today's duration between sunrise and sunset
Daylight Minutes: Minutes component of today's duration between sunrise and sunset

Sample URL Query:****&zip=28801
Sample JSON Output:
{"City":"Asheville","State":"NC","TempF":"50.0","TempC":"10.0","Weather":"Rain Fog/Mist","WindMPH":"0.0","WindDir":"North","RelativeHumidity":"93","VisibilityMiles":"5.00","AirQualityIndex":"32","AirQualityCode":"1","AirQuality":"Good","Sunrise":"05:56","Sunset":"20:16","DaylightHours":"14","DaylightMinutes":"19","Code":"Success","Credits":9193}
You can also set a header value for your API License Key (*recommended for production environments):
Curl Example:
curl --header "x-api-key: f8smc6s****" ""

Sample Code Showing Usage:

Try the API interactively:
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Wind MPH:

Wind Direction:

Relative Humidity:

Relative Humidity:

Air Quality Index:

Air Quality Code:

Air Quality:



Daylight Hours:

Daylight Minutes:

Credits Remaining:

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