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All APIs can be used with a single API license key, available upon registration.

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Do you want to connect directly to a Cloud data source, database platforms, or text files and use these APIs below from a browser-based Web application, running automated against entire datasets and without writing any code? Click Interzoid Cloud Data Connect. This application automates calls to our APIs to and from Cloud data sources. You will find APIs for processing entire datasets as well for that can be used for scheduling, batch scripts, pipelines, ELT/ETL, and more.

Cloud Data Matching APIs for Duplicate Data Data Matching APIs

Use algorithmically generated similarity keys to intelligently match data within or across data sources.

Get Company Match Similarity Key
Get Full Name Match Similarity Key
Get Full Name Parsed Match Similarity Key
Get Address Match Similarity Key

Compare Full Name Match Score

Email Validation API Email Validation APIs

Use real-time email validation and enrichment to reduce email bounces and improve email deliverability.

Email Address Validation and Enrichment

Global Phone Number Append APIs Global Telephone APIs

Validate and enrich phone numbers globally.

Get Global Number Information

Cloud Data Standardization APIs Data Standardization APIs

Standardize inconsistent data for better reporting and analysis results.

Get State Two-Letter Abbreviation
Get City Standard
Get Country Standard

Global Website Performance API Global Performance APIs

Measure the reachability and performance of Web page loads, API calls, and other Website assets from servers located around the globe.

Global Page Load Performance

Cloud Financial Data APIs Financial APIs

Access real-time currency data for ecommerce and other global purposes.

Get Currency Rate
Convert Currency Rate

Cloud Weather APIs Weather APIs

Access and integrate real-time weather data into Websites and applications.

Get Current Weather by US Zip Code

Cloud Timezone APIs Time APIs

Leverage time for better customer communication.

Get Current Time for a Global Location

Data Generation APIs

Generate randomized data for use in testing applications.

Generate People Data

Geographic APIs Geographic APIs

Use demographic and geocoded information for better customer and prospect analysis.

Get Zip Code Detailed Info

Account Information APIs Account Information APIs

Get Interzoid account information in real-time.

Get Remaining Credits

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