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Individual Name Matching Translate to Any Language API

This API takes a string of text, detects the language, and translates the string to the language specified in the 'to' parameter.

AI, a specialized language model, heuristics, phonetics, specific knowledge bases, categorization hierarchies, contextual machine learning, and other various algorithms are used as the basis of identifying the language and translating the string to the specified language.

Examples of Translation Results.
Text To Result
Estados Unidos English United States
Japan Portuguese Japão
Mexico Greek μεξικό
営業担当副社長 English Vice President of Sales
営業担当副社長 German Vertriebsvizepräsident
California Hindi कैलिफोर्निया
customer Korean 고객
hospital Norsk Sykehus
doctor español médico

Service API Endpoint:

Calling Structure:[licensekey]&text=[character string]&to=[character string]

Input Parameters:
License: Your Interzoid-issued API key
Text: String of characters (maximum 50 characters)
To: Language to translate to

Output Parameters:
Result: Translated text

Sample URL Query:*****&text=Japan&to=Portuguese
Sample JSON Output:
You can also set a header value for your API License Key (*recommended for production environments):
Curl Example:
curl --header "x-api-key: fh5hs7*****" "*****&text=Japan&to=Portuguese"