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Getting Started with Cloud Data APIs

Increase the Value of Your Data Assets via the Cloud
Leverage Generative AI using Large Language Models (LLMs)

Interzoid has a collection of useful, data-oriented Cloud-based API functions that are easy to integrate and utilize. These capabilities are focused on helping an organization increase the value of its data assets, including data quality, data standardization, data enhancement/enrichment via a data appending process through our various data sources, and data validation (such as email address validation). There are other utility-oriented APIs as well such as measuring load performance of Web assets from various geographical locations.

In addition, these APIs can be used with data that exists in various Cloud database platforms (such as Azure SQL, AWS RDS, Snowflake, Google Cloud SQL, MySQL, Postgres, etc.) using our Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product - no coding. It simply connects to your Web database platform using a standard connection string, and performs its analysis for you 100% in the Cloud, providing the option to generate exception reports or to create new tables with data results in the database platform.

It's easy to get started too. Simply register with us using your email address and optional contact information, and your account will be created. After verifying your email address (we will send you a verification email), your account will be provisioned with an API license key for access that you can obtain after logging in. The API key will be created with a number of starting credits, enabling immediate, unrestricted use of the APIs and Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product. The API key is a parameter that is used with each call to the API to identify your account and track usage, including free trial credits. These credits can be used with ANY of the API products, including within Interzoid Cloud Data Connect. The Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product itself is free to use, with usage being tracked via the API calls that it makes during an analysis process.

If you would like to subscribe to an API credits package after your trial usage or at any time, you may do so with a credit card (or other payment options) by selecting 'Buy Subscription' from the main menu. Contact us if you have any questions about trials, usage, subscriptions, or payment.

Our Interzoid Cloud Data Connect product architecture:

Our Interzoid Cloud Data Connect Web application utilizes our own core APIs to perform its analysis:

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